Link to FundRazr Investment Options

Link to FundRazr Investment Options


For 30+ years I’ve been a professional writer. I’ve written successfully for nonprofit and small business initiatives. This has provided me with an interesting (if not somewhat jaded!) perspective on life, our culture and where we as people might be going from here.

At this time I’m seeking to write more in the realm of the areas of empowerment and entertainment. I believe it is possible to use social media, communications, connectivity and advocacy as the focus for stories and adventures in social justice and change. If we demonstrate through words and stories how the heroes and heroines of such episodes might act in real life.

Having super rescuers and villains from another world is one thing — helping to create them as living breathing souls in ways that reflect the justness of words and the equality of ideas we cherish by making them entertaining role models is a plot of a different making.

The Digital Romance stories presented above demonstrate one exploration of this topic, as woman (and men) expose their love and caring to all that technology has to offer. (Visualize the TV show of Friends in an upgraded version of Sex In The Virtual City!)

But even undertaking this experiment in making a new genre of distance loving, I’m willing to write — in partnership with my partner — for you too. That’s why we’ve put together a NEW site to Build-a-Book just for you. If it’s good enough for the bears …!

However, I’m still available to write grant or business packages, academic papers (ghosting) and communication materials or fiction/nonfiction for you. My promo page specific to writing an entire book for you in about 30 days based on your story talks about my new interests while the rest of the site is more in line with a resume site. You can click here for my Innovation RESUME, or jump around to see work samples and references.

The chances are that if you need writing assistance, I can help. My costs are reasonable and usually determined on a per-project basis. 

If you have any questions, feel free to make use of the CONTACT ME.
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