PROFESSIONAL / CREATIVE / INSPIRATIONAL FREELANCE WRITING: For more than 30 years I’ve been paid as a professional writer. Nearly all of that has been within the nonprofit sector. Now I’m breaking free of those constraints. I’ve learned a good deal about what works, where the money is, and how to get your message from here to there — toward finding solutions or for entertaining your masses.

I’m available to write grant or business packages, academic papers (ghosting), communication materials or commercial fiction/nonfiction or whatever you need. I’m particularly interested in doing more fiction and creative writing, especially in regards to what I’d called Empowerment Genres — writing projects that demonstrate or operationalize advocacy, change and justice. (More on this shortly.)

AS A FREELANCE WRITER … my job though is to help you write materials … finish or start your book … outline complete communication or business packages … or otherwise put words to work. It doesn’t matter my past focuses. The beauty of writing skills is that they are completely transferable.

Since this is a resume as well as writing display space, I’m presenting some materials relating to my nonprofit work. You can see other examples as well. Click here for my Innovation RESUME or jump around a few other pages.

The changes are that if you need writing help, I can help. My costs are reasonable and usually determined on a per-project basis. A 50% downpayment (give or take) in advance is often required once the final estimate is set. 

To make it easier for clients — and to help with Google searches and trending — I’ve compiled a list of terms relating to areas where I’ve done a lot of work. But don’t be distracted. I love writing on any topic. Still, here’s a sampling of my past concentrations:

  • Family / Community Services / Safety Net Services / Housing / Homelessness
  • Immigration / Legal Services
  • Advocacy / Empowerment
  • Health / Wellness (School Health Clinics)
  • Economic/Gender/Social Justice
  • Youth Engagement / Policy Involvement
  • Early Childhood Education

If you have any questions, feel free to make use of my CONTACT ME. Or send a note to OnePageWriter@gmail.com.

I’ll WRITE YOUR BOOK: Have a book you want to write? Tired of just promising to share your story? My business associate and I hear this a lot. So we’ve just started promoting a new effort that we call Write4YOU. In a nutshell, the idea is that you can now contract with us for a relatively fixed price for a  FIRST DRAFT of whatever book you want. See the tab for details.

rite4you graphic



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