For 30+ years I’ve been a professional writer. I’ve written most successfully for nonprofit and small business initiatives, taking time away to serve a sentence or two as an executive leader of some sort on the staff of an agency of change. Those experiences have been tremendously diverse and rather profound, though not all worked out as exceptionally as I hoped then and continue to have faith in now. As a result, a couple years ago I decided to hunt for a different path. I wanted to find new writing pathways where I could blend the values of action and impact with the ways and means of entertainment and empowerment fiction, movies, and the like — opportunities to tell the advocacy and heroic tales of others!

This is what I am working on now. However, when the opportunity avails itself, I look for chances to become involved in interesting professional and technical writing projects — preparing grants, scripting business plans, etc. I also write whatever others want who have fascinating projects to explore.

If you need a staff or project contributor (or even a ghoster), I’m here to do your thing. I usually write based on a prearrangement project price based on a prearranged payment schedule that is reasonable for both of us. My goal is to give you a final product ready for use or sale or to help you get over your hump. The genre is really less important that your desire to work with someone who can put your thoughts through the creative process.

FOR THE PAYERS: If you need words to do your things, send a message. Because I’ve written a lot, I have a separate site that seeks to keep my larger collection of works. You can see that here. Outside of that, I have tons of samples of grants, business plans, correspondence, informative pieces, community action materials, etc. that I keep in what used to be called “paper form.” For the more innovative, perhaps, my collection site also has tidbits of the fictional and factual pieces that I’m preparing for books, novels, short stories (including flash), screenplays/scripts, etc.

My costs for writing for you are reasonable and, as mentioned, negotiable to project specifics. 

FOR READERS AND PUBLISHERS: The InterWebs require fiction and entertainment works be, in a manner of speaking, virginal when offered as submissions. Dare I post something here for you to read, it may become a narrative non grata, meaning something I cannot at least try to sell! My AllanShoreCollection page contains samples of public writings that you can see and private pages that require a password to access. Go there and send a message and I’ll happily share the magic word with you so you can see more of what I am working on.

This site also contains the more conventional displays of my experience. Just click directly on my Innovation RESUME to see more about my regular work. Questions? Feel free to make use of the CONTACT ME.

ALSO: For the fun of it, here is a bit of a bio I put together recently about getting across my history. Thought you might enjoy it:

ALLAN SHORE, The Accidental Deviant — BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY OF CREATIVE ENDEAVORS: Beginning in 1976, Shore started what he hoped might be a promising academic career, earning a BA in Sociology/Criminal Justice from Western Michigan University, followed by the welcoming arms of entry into graduate studies in Criminology at The Ohio State University. Almost immediately, he settled on studying a variation on that theme, with particular attention to social and cultural deviance, or the whys and wherefores of purposeful breaking norms. Little did he realize that his MA and fate would direct such interests towards 30 years of freelance writing and executive nonprofit management, turning cutting edge (outside of the norm) ideas into socially empowering “deviance” for good (or effective advocacy efforts).

By the late 1980s, his works had become a bit of a force behind the startup of a double bottom line initiative in Richmond, CA, beginning the evolution towards a movement to blend the values of profit and purpose for what is now called Impact Investing. Soon thereafter, across the 1990s — and well before new ideas for philanthropic funding based on these methods took hold — he became an “underling leader” (AKA, worker) behind the first global HIV/AIDS visibility initiative (the International AIDS Candlelight Memorials, a precursor to World AIDS Day that ultimately engaged some 1,200 localities). He parlayed this experience into involvement as the agency leader for a gender ally agency that included pulling together the first rendition of an event known as the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. With some 40 million participants to date, this project became a powerful motivator behind many current gender justice visibility campaigns that will likely benefit the first Madam US President. It was these experiences and work in early childhood educational models and other nonprofit collaboratives that convinced him of the wisdom of using empowerment tactics to more directly entertain and engage the masses. Come about 2005, he began his journey to turn his writing towards using the science  and art of change, or EMPOWERology, as the basis for telling new kinds of tales.

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