For 30+ years I’ve been a professional writer. I’ve written most successfully for nonprofit and small business initiatives, taking time away to serve a sentence or two as the administrative staff of a change agency. Now I find myself seeking ways to blend the values of action and impact with entertainment and empowerment fiction, movie scripts, and the telling of the tales of others!

If you need a ghoster, I’m here to do your thing. I usually write based on a prearrangement price and payment schedule that is reasonable for both of us. My goal is to give you a final project ready for use or sale or to help you get over your hump.

FOR THE PAYERS: If you need words to do your things, send a message. I have tons of samples and experiences of written grants, business plans, correspondence, informative pieces, community action materials, etc. (And, of course, I have fiction, scripts, even poetry to peruse!) Having been at it long enough, the type of writing is less important to me than is your desire to end up with something creative, innovative, even socially profitable with double or triple bottom line ROIs). Poke me with a message of what you need. Happy to send a cost estimate and details of how it works.  My costs are reasonable and usually determined on a per-project basis. 

FOR READERS AND EDITORS: The InterWebs require fiction and entertainment writers to be, in a manner of speaking, virginal with their submissions. Dare I post something here for you to read, it may become narrative non grata! Accordingly, jump over to this page for an amuse bouche and access to my private collection. I’d love to hear your thoughts as these stories unfold before us both.

FOR THE CONVENTIONAL:  Just click directly to my Innovation RESUME. Questions? Feel free to make use of the CONTACT ME.
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