For 30+ years I’ve been a professional writer. I’ve written most successfully for nonprofit and small business initiatives, taking time away to serve a sentence or two as an executive leader for an agency of change. Those experiences have been tremendously diverse and rather profound, though not all worked out as exceptionally as I hoped. A couple years ago I decided to hunt for a different path. I wanted to be deeper involved in writing efforts where I could blend the values of action and impact into novels, short stories, movies, and the like — opportunities to tell the tales of regular people as heroes and sheroes. Technology makes this possible.

This is what I am working on now. You can see some of these on a seperate site that I refer to as my AllanShoreCollection. However, when the opportunity avails itself, I still contract with nonprofit and community efforts needing help with fundraising, project narratives, etc.

If you need a staff or project contributor (or even a ghoster), I’m here to do your thing. I usually write based on a set price and a prearranged payment schedule that is reasonable for both of us. My goal is to give you a final product ready for use or sale or to help you get over your hump. The genre is really less important that your desire to work with someone who can put your thoughts through the creative process.

FOR THE PAYERS: If you need words to do your things, send a message. Because I’ve written a lot, I have tons of samples of grants, business plans, correspondence, informative pieces, community action materials, etc. that I keep in what used to be called “paper form.” For those wanting more creative examples, see my collection where there are books, novels, short stories (including flash), screenplays/scripts, etc.

AGAIN: My costs for writing for you are reasonable and, as mentioned, negotiable to project specifics. 

This site also contains the more conventional displays of my experience. Just click directly on my ASHOREJuly2016InnovResume to see more about my regular work. Questions? Feel free to make use of the CONTACT ME.



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