For 30+ years I’ve been a professional writer. I’ve written successfully for nonprofit and small business initiatives, and now find myself seeking ways to blend the values of action and impact with entertainment and empowerment.

But no matter what kind of writing you need — I have samples of a broad range of materials — I’d like mostly to help you write differently, and write effectively for your need: to pull people together, to raise money, to get noticed.

I want to write blogs or professional books, novels or stories, scripts, even business materials — particularly if they generate social and responsible impact and address the structural problems that have blocked our progress for so long.

In the past people would think of such motivations as being radical and idealistic. Ask me why I don’t think this is true any longer. We have different levels of communication, Big Data, the magic of digitally profound interactive accessibility. These approaches, put into practice, work and will get you noticed.

This is what EMPOWERMENT is, and why I see my job as doing the grunt work to turn your ideas into entertaining, responsible, profitable and exhilarating EMPOWERMENT opportunities.

I know, sounds like a reach, but trust me: these concepts work in practice. I’ve raised MILLIONS OF CHARITABLE DOLLARS and engaged 10s of millions of people.

I’m available to write grant or business packages, academic papers (ghosting) and communication materials or fiction/nonfiction for you.

Click here to see how I can help you write your story. Or just click directly for my Innovation RESUMEMy costs are reasonable and usually determined on a per-project basis. 

Questions? Feel free to make use of the CONTACT ME.
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