For 30+ years I’ve been a professional contract writer. I’ve written most successfully for nonprofit and small business initiatives, taking time away occasionally to serve a sentence in an executive leadership position for agencies missioned towards change. Those experiences have been tremendously diverse and often provocative, with each providing me with a chance to practice and refine advocacy, business, and a few organizational skills.

A couple of years ago, I decided to forge a different path. That choice led me to become more deeply involved in writing aimed at preparing fact-based essays and entertainment-oriented fiction stories; pieces usually grounded in social justice advocacy.

My belief has accepted that these methods of communication, in the form of novels, short stories, movies, and the like, for giving life to deep and effective cultural and social change and transformation. I’m convinced that every challenge the developed world has in regards to providing services, caring, and empowerment for people in need has a known solution. The trick comes in representing these actions in strategies in ways that average people can understand and become engaged with — and that often requires giving them interesting and entertaining ways of appreciating what change really means and why their involvement matters.

Add to this yet another level of undeniable possibilities: technological and interactive participation. Technology, or what we often short to techNO, makes it possible for us to reach out and use thrilling and ordinary daily adventures as a way to feel part of all that is heading our way. I highlight the NO ending on techNO because in the past it was an appropriate representation of the sense of doubt and skepticism that computerized equipment and software had to offer. We no longer feel that way as individuals or in the varied cultures of the world. People almost everywhere have had a HECK YES experience with the promises of digital improvement and now realize that TechYEAH this era of improvements has something to offer.

I’m in the process of drafting and preparing books and stories and screenplays — and occasionally essays for clients — that examine this trend and suggest how average people can showcase their new techYEAH comfort.

This site serves as my resume resource to share some of what got me from being a budding criminologist out of college to a person who has had a chance to part of several teams that prepared and implemented recognized advocacy accomplishments and services for people in need. Periodically, I still write grant applications, business plans, personal or organizational narratives, or other fun stuff for the ways and means of paying my debts.

If you are interested in working with me on your innovative dream of one type or another, please contact me. I try to arrange reasonable prices, and I help make your case. Most of my past work is proprietary, but I have assembled a small collection of Writing Samples because people expect these details.

You can also expect to see in the coming 2019, a significant number of links to manuscripts I’ve been struggling with to make my TechYEAH point. Feel free to read and critique anything on this site as you see fit. I love arguments as a form of professional practice.


My costs for writing for you are reasonable and negotiable to project specifics. 


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