For 30+ years I’ve been a professional writer. I’ve written most successfully for nonprofit and small business initiatives, taking time away to serve a sentence or two as the executive leader for a few agencies missioned towards change. Those experiences have been tremendously diverse. They also had a profound impact on me, even in the cases where substantially successful efforts didn’t bloom as dramatically as predicted. That was why a couple years ago I decided to forge a different path. That choice led me to become more deeply involved in writing with a shot at taking what I learned as a social justice advocate to turn community-center empowerment into a plotline for community entertainment — with the hopes that through fictional storytelling I might be able to do even more to get regular folks to see the promise of engagement. My belief is that there is a place in novels, short stories, movies, and the like for the values and presumptions of what is seen these days in economics and finance as multi-bottom line and Impact Investing. Technology makes it possible for us to reach out and use thrilling and ordinary daily adventures to reward heroes and sheroes for all that it takes to make our planet a better place.

Like everyone else, though, wanting doesn’t pay the rent. So I still explore opportunities to write grants, business plans, personal or organizational narratives, or other fun stuff. I’ve written some white and even off-white strategy papers and ghosted out an academic treatise or two. We do what we have to do sometimes.

In all honesty, however, I’m looking for chances to write creatively and share my work with others who have publishing, production, technology, and movie/script entertainment potentials. I have begun posting my scribbling and scratchings on a site called AllanShoreCollection (for obvious reasons). This one is dedicated to more traditional resume-like elements. You are always free to simply contact me to inquire about details, samples, conversations. I’d like that. I suspect you might too.  BTW: My collection sight houses my Blah Blah Blog where I ramble on what I’m up to or thoughts about my video explorations. I have no movie star aspirations but it seems necessary to befriend YouTubery too!

My costs for writing for you are reasonable and negotiable to project specifics. 

If you want to skip the other pages here, you can download a reasonably updated copy of my resume with a clink and a print here:  Allan Shore Allan Shore Consulting Innovation RESUMENov2017




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