Arrogance & The Politics of Michigan Men

women politicsThere comes a time when the men of the electoral soccer fields have to realize they need to get their proverbial balls kicked.

In a recent Tweet by the head of Michigan’s Democratic Party, Lon Johnson, and gubernatorial candidate, Mark Schauer, said that Michigan is a Blue State, so its players should start acting that way.

Though one never knows others’ motivations for sure, I have reason to believe that these kinds of comments come from the fact that good political candidates (who happen to be women) aren’t being treated and supported in Michigan as they should be. In fact, they are being harmed by old, out-dated and ineffective thinking and self-aggrandizement.

Take the campaign of Lynn Mason, for example. I offer this with the proviso that she is my sister and that I believe she deserves to win. But facts some facts speak for themselves, and its time the men of the past begin seeing what is right before their eyes. Which shouldn’t be hard given that their hands aren’t blocking their vision, they’re covering their privates. [ANOTHER CONFESSION: I work on Lynn’s campaign but these thoughts are mine and not offered by her team of great supporters!]

And here’s my justification for this rosy assessment:, and a piece put together this weekend entitled Lynn Mason – A Democrat to Watch in Michigan’s 86th District. Key among the reporting is the fact that Lynn has raised more money – from small and committed donors – than all winning incumbents across the Michigan Legislature.

Impressive … and made of the stuff of honesty and hard work.

Lynn’s precinct-walking, talking-to-the-voters, hearing-what-voters-want strategies are working. And the people of her soon-to-be-district will very likely reward her accordingly.

But the sad fact is that the mostly male political establishment Lynn now finds herself up again see her success as a kick in their money balls. And they are saying so in private, behind fake screens of privacy and deception masked in hysterical pretensions of confidentiality.

These men simply cannot stand the fact that a woman isn’t rolling over and blindly following their old and worn ways: the very ways that have helped make the people of Michigan give up on their political system.

The arrogant men, United In Blue, need to get out of the way and help those who are making their future better. The fact that they find this so hard to do is a testament to their perverse sense of entitlement and mistaken belief that strong and successful women are their enemies. Shameful.


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