Rape and the Petrolsexuals

Oil RoughnecksIt’s time for the US to say that enough is enough when it comes to fracking away the viability of the planet. Fracking is nothing short of the rape of the Earth by those who have been taken in by abusive potency allure of their love with petroleum.

Fracking must stop now, completely, and without exception. It gets us so little and serves only to showcase someone’s perverse assumption that they are entitled to use any means necessary for satisfying some deep, dark desires.

Sound at all familiar?

hands-of-an-oil-rig-derrick-workerPetrolsexuals believe they have the right to frack the Earth as often and as regularly as they want. They are controlling aggressors who think that because they have invasive tools, they can drill deep into and pound and pressure the object of their affection until it gives them what they crave. It is a perverse pleasure for profitability that shames and humiliates the aggressor and the abused.

Ugly abusive control. Far too true.

I gave no one in any sector permission to rape my Earth. Just the opposite. Most of us think we have come to terms with a form of environmental seduction where we have convinced ourselves that we’ve helped the planet regain some of its lost outer beauty. We recycle, pay for better efficiency and turn the lights down when they are not in use. Supposedly, in so doing, we let ourselves feel that we are forgiven for the exploitation’s of the past that have left their own deep wounds on the planet.

Yet, down deep where it is dark and few can see, we turn a blind eye to what the petrolsexuals do with their tools. Worse yet, we even allow these monsters to drain away and spoil the life-giving waters of our grounds to wash away the evidence of their assaults. This is a crime the rest of us — even very good environmentalists — need to come to terms with. Enabling others to rape and pillage the Earth in this manner is offensive.

Just because we still see crystal clear water bubbling up into the facade of a prettier surface does not excuse the injustices we allow to happen to it before it gets to us.

The only way that this perverse pleasure will stop is by us developing a new set of cultural expectations and collective wisdom where we can bring this rape to the light of day. In so doing, we benefit from unearthing the ugliness we’re all letting happen and empower ourselves to go through whatever is necessary to make alternative energy options more viable.

The Earth is moaning and groaning, but not from the pleasure that petrolsexuals are inflicting. How do we stop these fracking rapists?

The answer is for the rest of us to be collaborative partners who see and understand the crime and not mistake it for something other than the abuse it is. The petrolsexuals are perfect examples of masculine mindsets that must go. And it is all of us who have to hear the Earth’s cries and respond as we would to any other victim of ugly desires.


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