Ferguson – America’s PTSD – The Expectation of Injustice

The momentum towards the failure of justice and the club of control is streaming. Click about any media-verse and you can see alerts similar to this Twitter advisory, sent this morning, California time:

JUST IN: LAPD is geared up and in place for possible impact to Los Angeles from Ferguson verdict. 

Across the country, war is decked out. The ghosts of the failures of the past are bubbling with anger and fomenting community discontent. As a culture we’ve accepted that we need to be ready with the ways and means (including with the money) needed to put down any strife that could arise from the lopsided assessment of Missouri’s police-protection system.

Yet we think nothing of investing in readying for the better. If there was time to prepare law enforcement for battle, there was time to prepare the citizenry for peace.

We’ve gotten to the point that anytime our criminal justice system kicks into gear, those seeking fairness and balance know they are going to get kicked in the teeth. As a society, we’re suffering from a form of Unfairness PTSD.

PROOF: The worst. At the time that I wrote this (12:23 pm PST, Thursday, Nov. 17th), CNN literally blasted a notice that Gov Jay Nixon just declared a state of emergency.

Hell hath no fury like liberty ignored!!

But why these tactics? Why do we just arm for the ugly, not for the best that underlies what justice should be?

There are plenty of resources tucked away in charitable, tax-protected institutions that have the ability to unleash massive amounts of money to dress our culture in the tools and gear of peace and calm. Hell, even a billionaire or his dying buddies could pour billions into networks of justice warriors in anticipation of collective sadness and focused responsibility if they wanted to.

But we … AND THEY … the have-too-muches … choose instead to arm ourselves for the worst!

Maybe this is the biggest sign yet that we have gone bankrupt when it comes to the golden potential of empowerment and trust? We always cringe first and lash out.

This is a symptom of PTSD. Cultural PTSD.

We have invested so much hope in the guise of deceptive partisanship that we forget that there are other options. We don’t look this way because the money is visible for fighting, not for unity.

Why not have our leaders lead by example and have us chill, relax, take a toke, sip some wine. Then they can turn to the money keepers who can share the reach of their capacities? It might well bring about a much healthier ROI and a sense that recoiling isn’t a smart cultural recoil.


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