Riotous, Not Rightous Indignation

Us equal signWe interrupt this thinking stream to bring you a critical public service announcement: The grand and glorious America of US desperately needs a riotous soul cleansing.

And no I do not mean righteous. I mean riotous, as in emanating from the bowels of a riot.

Righteousness at least seems to imply that it is something grounded in fairness for the benefit of all; that it has a justification. Riotous is a slap at purposeful wrongness.

A crowd doesn’t have to break windows, set fires or attack symbols of authority – even authority that has lost its way. Maybe it will, but it doesn’t have to.

The value of being heard sometimes has a cost. And that cost includes doing things one might not want to do. This is riotous indignation.

America’s power players are not hearing, or possibly are not listening. I truly hope the Wisdom of the Crowd steps forward and let’s everyone know that justice cannot always be polite.

Really: a police choke murder too?

One Big Black Man cop-murdered for petty theft of smokes; another for selling them while being black and in need.

Maybe we deserve what we get.


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