Everyone Profits from ALLAN SHORE

But I like the style!

Everyone profits from ALLAN SHORE (or ALAN, anyways).


A little self-aggrandizement, I think. I’m not sure if this is just an online presentational trick but I do kinda like it. I actually don’t know for sure, since others responded … Others with the first name of Allan and some with the last name of Shore.

But a company called SunFrogShirts.com put these images one immediately after the other on Facebook yesterday. No kidding. And put that way, side-by-side, as they were offered, they spell me!

And to be honest, following Boston Legal (who almost got it right!), I’m getting annoyed at this NAME-sploitation!

At least give me a free copy of each. Size large. I’ll try to wear them side-by-side to spell out my point!!

Weird but fun. Can I sue?

The one and only true: ALLAN SHORE


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