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This project operates under the directives and considerations of the Creative Commons, Attribution-NonCommercial ShareALike, most recent version. Any use of or modification of this idea, in specifics or generalities, should connect the work to this representation so as to do justice to my original conceptualization. I am also available to work as a paid consultant on those who might like to take their own route to fame and fairness.

BALANCE OF EMPOWERMENT: Unleashing the Global Weapons of Mass Engagement. True Advocates in Action for Social Justice Heroes and Heroines.  

The planet is alive with heroes and heroines waiting to be unleashed against even the ugliest, most dangerous of evils. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t get to read or watch their battles for justice. That’s because neither our literature nor our entertainment mediums have figured out a way to glorify the adventures of these kinds of social justice heroes and heroines, or what I call Advocates in Action.

The only action/adventure characters we see are those that use the power of bullets and guns or missiles. And most of this is done with the flamboyant and savvy sexiness of personal appeal with pretty people in fast cars who use exploding pens, exploited public resources, guns, more bombs and selfish partnerships with selfish cops or militaristic glory hunters. Never does one get to fall in love with the sophisticated harbingers of the superpowers of the weapons of mass empowerment – those tools and tactics that are hot as hell because they bring people together to fight off the bad guys and gals who otherwise seek to turn opportunity to their selfish desires.

Balance of Empowerment showcases an example of the Advocacy in Action concept. Here is the basic storyline:

The recently elected, connectivity-savvy President of the United States finds himself in the middle of a multi-focal bio-weapons disaster in the making. Thousands are at risk from a virulent medical agent set to be released at dozens of locations where media studded celebrations are about to occur in with the opening of new border crossings that link the European Union and a counterbalancing Trans-Asian Union (TAU), a nation-state association featuring China, Russia and other Southeast Asian countries that have otherwise been excluded from the EU. Self-interested corporate entities working with terror subjugates have apparently spawned these scare tactics to preserve their wealth and to capture control of the business transactions that are likely to unfold as the EU meets the TAU. Only to the surprise of everyone—including insiders in his administration, who doubted the president’s commitment to change—the president discovers that he has a strategic alternative: a global network of advocacy and care agencies and passionate advocates who are anxious to put their work and commitment literally online again the continuation of yet another outbreak of war and danger for profits. With the Balance of Empowerment, the reader gets a glimpse into the far reaching capabilities of youth activists on skateboards and domestic violence caregivers who, unbeknownst even to themselves, have a remarkable global reach that exceeds their wildest capability but that expresses the true power of good made possible by digital intelligence shared among grassroots advocates of all kinds – turning this potentially ugly global countdown into an incredibly new display of the weapons of mass engagement.


These synopses give an overview of the main characters and their roles in the plot of the Balance of Empowerment. I provide them not to give away the story but to provide an amuse-bouche of the delicious adventure to come. We serve these folks up as a testament to their character not just to the glory of their actions.

President of the United States, Erick Joshua Relando:

Imagine what happens when even a settled conservative national leader begins to see the efforts of his friends and allies play too dangerous of a game of global and biological threats? Can the routine of war for profitability push the safe and confident leader of the United States into a gamble on the power and possibilities of an entirely new weapon of mass involvement in the face of a global countdown toward disaster? As the Trans-Asia Union, the Geo-political equivalent of the European Union, prepares for its public border opening, the forces of greed and self-interests on both sides of the high-technology divide push the US President to turn to an unanticipated military of grassroots advocates and empowered citizens from some of the most mundane of community sectors. With the help of a sleepy but well respected virtual resource center, the president finds that he has access to a kind of Earthly loyalty with a reach that even he cannot imagine – the kind of balance of empowerment that traditionally has risen to the challenge of protecting those who have otherwise been left vulnerable to the evils of business as usual.

Secretary of Defense, Jodi Severson:

Jodi is the nation’s strongest female civilian military leader short of the president himself. She is a strong and confident lesbian and committed married partner within a defense personnel structure that has learned to cling to its male domination even with many years of forced gender and sexual orientation equality. In the face of the challenge of might between the EU and the emerging TAU, the men under her administrative control seem to question her place and commitment, not knowing that she is being pulled in an unusual direction by her commanding chief as he relies on her knowledge of the biological threat and her personal friendship with the Secretary of State, who seems increasingly suspicious of the diplomatic players that she too must face down as the clock of destruction counts down.

Secretary of State, Toni Dodds:

Toni found herself accepting the position of Secretary of State because of the fact that she was seen as a quiet and intelligent diplomatic player. Her expertise in the technology sector helped her build friendships with connectivity leaders across the globe as they learned to unfold the power of their tools virtual sales. The business and corporate leaders of the world were finding their profits in the online marketplace, and the last thing that they would have wanted would be a person who might be committed to rocking the boat of opportunity. But as the opening of the business gates between the EU and the TAU approaches, even some of the most respected of entrepreneurs are showing signs of stress and concern – and may well be distancing themselves from the US, signaling the type of unsteady economic vulnerability that Secretary Dodds has no interest in at all – at least not until she too begins to see that the game may not be all that it is presented as.

Secretary of Youth & Family Involvement, Teij Wang:

Teij is young, Asian and a model “comer” to higher politics. He is in charge of the department that has grown to put a public face on helping youth and families, that has otherwise remained undervalued and not appreciated in global dynamics. It was only the unmistakable fact that the role of Asian minorities in the US was changing dramatically that made it necessary for the president to appoint someone like Teij to this position, especially given his past professional experience as a community activist and special projects leader. But as minor as he feels in this position, he knows that there are movements underway to change the dynamics of what community involvement wants and may ultimately demand from their government, so he is at least confident that he can pave a new road of possibilities. As the dynamics of the global military challenge start to unfold before him – and as the president begins to pull him in to unexpected developments – they dynamics of his purpose seem clearer and ready to be used in exciting ways … if he is reading the signs correctly.

PLI Executive Director, Katrina Smalley:

The Popular Leadership Institute (PLI) is a reputable, staid, nonprofit organization charged with keeping track of the history, tools and methodologies of the flame of grassroots advocacy. For many years it was seen as a respected gatekeeper that had itself lost the fuel of the flame, even if it did an admirable job of making the public aware that community leadership in the past did have a role to play in the many levels of connectivity they were familiar with today. For the most part, however, advocacy was a second level of quiet monitoring … which some, like Katrina, thought needed to be awakened. Surprisingly to her, just as she was coming to grips with the fact that her job might not grow as she wanted it to, a mysterious person entered their communication system and started encouraging her to reach further with their potential. But was this person really all that he was presenting himself to be? And could she mobilize her forces as he was suggesting?

Community Of All:

When the world suffers a natural disaster, people come together to help. When women are hurt through domestic violence, entire armies of advocates and protects become available to those seeking to hide or disappear for their and their children’s lives. When boarders skate through their teen years and unleash the magic of their tricks, they join a family of their own that poses the power of its own freedom. So imagine what could happen if one family joined forces with the others?

Chapter 1, a short introduction, is available for review. After that, please email a request for a password to see the other sections so I know who is helping read and edit my work. Thanks. CONTACT.


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