Though my writing has mostly been for nonprofits and small for-profit businesses, I do a fair amount of other writing too. Like most other writers more than I care of this is via online postings. Here are a few of the virtual places I contribute to. These are on projects I have a personal attraction to:


SUVpacking – My partner and I coined this concept. We write about (and he photographs) some of the details about being location-independent professionals, people who can live where they want and who appreciate the value of being able to have their mobility tied to an all-American Sports Utility Vehicle! Read more about our journey and the promises of this emerging trend.

The New Man Project — Technology, global diversity, the economic meltdown that shoved more and more men out of their careers: Taken together, these factors have begun to cause even the most masculine and proud men to question whether what it means to be a man today is all that was promised in the past. A new man type is emerging, taking up on the known weaknesses of the past cultural idea and building something better on many fronts. This site will soon explore what this means and why even the best of men should be proud about helping to build a more contemporary type of guy.

La Parada — In Spanish this phrase refers to the stopping place, or perhaps the bus stop. It really means the place where people gather as a community and then decide for themselves which proverbial “bus” they might hop on as they travel in search for the direction of their life. La Parada is a confessional journal about the travels my partner, Erick, with reflections he is making on his adventure.


RadicalNOT – The social sciences are coming to life. The collection of Big Data, lots of information from all of the electronic devices we use, is now capable of giving us a Big Picture of life as our culture lives it. And that data is beginning to show us that not all ideas are worth the trouble they cause. There is no other way to say it: Conservative, anti-change ideas aren’t working; progressivity is in. On this site is a place to see why I believe the being right on these issues doesn’t make one radical. It just makes good and empowering ideas RIGHT! If you are the sensitive type, you might want to turn elsewhere for your reading pleasure.


My Blog is the one site directly attached to this space. It is the place where I expect to write more about writing, writers, writersploitations, and sometimes grant making and modern communication issues. It might be worth a look from time to time. I’ve found that potential clients like it when I make it look like I know something about my professional area.


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