Drive-By Advocacy

If you block itAt the time I wrote this I was looking out a window in Western Michigan contemplating spending another day working on a political campaign to elect Lynn Mason as a progressive, female representative to the Michigan legislature. I’m predicting at this time that she’s going to win against a WINO … an entrenched, arrogant, right-wing conservatarian WOMAN IN NAME ONLY, who got her elected position because she listened to the wrong men who are using her to fill a policy-making seat.

Unfortunately for her, that privilege is about to go to the wayside.

But this is not the point of this piece. I’m more interested in the fact that it is now possible for activists to be more effective than they have been in the past for the simple reason that technology lets them become engaged in campaigns of various sorts more easily without giving up on their grounding. Political campaigns and protests often counted on individuals with a passion traveling to a focal area — perhaps like Ferguson, MO — ¬†as a break from their ordinary lives, or because an outside influence paid them or underwrote their participation in protest and social change. That’s no longer necessary. People with a heart and soul for justice or elective involvement can do what corporations have had us to for years as they’ve fed us their motivations … they can rely upon drive-by or even drive-thru advocacy to get involved, share their messages, and document what is actually happening.

For Ferguson, MO, and the justice that is due to African American young men, this is a godsend courtesy of interactive, informative connectivity at all levels. For others of us, it is just another example of our ability to plant our commitments to change and progress wherever we happen to park ourselves or our wireless vehicles.

Electoral politics is very likely to be the cleanest example of this kind of Drive-By Change … but don’t accept that as an only example of what the world of progressive technological engagement has to offer. Pretty soon many people will be doing all the more to ensure that good people and good causes get the support they need!



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