BEST FIRST: Because it was unexpected and offered by a fine person, I direct everyone to the link of a personal newspaper column about me. It’s also on my resume page. I think is very relevant about today and my technology work, but I’m always willing to provide more. Click and see that I play pretty well with others: 

PUBLIC REFERENCES: Project references are always great. But since I tend to shoot for the big, I’ve had the pleasure of collecting some nice public references. Here are a few examples. Click on the active links (blue) to see PDFs.

Turning Social Media Over To Professional, Solano Daily Republic, Sept. 2012

California State Legislature RESOLUTION


Here are a couple of pictures of some of the public support I have received. I think they look pretty cool. You can see the text of the California State Resolution above.

White House Letter

Correspondence from Bush White House about putting candles for the International Candlelight Memorials in ALL of the White House windows.


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