Rent My Voice


The humanization of technology and our immersion into a digital society has provided us with the chance to get close to the machines we use. And while the computers have more than enough capacity to offer their own voices, that’s not likely to happen. At least not yet.

Instead businesses and entertainment mediums of all types are already indicating that they want to stick with using the voices of real people to get us to like their products. Which is why you may be here. That’s what I do. My voice is for rent as a VOICEOVER professional, a service I believe I can do at a fair and reasonable price. You can see below the basic guidelines for what I request to offer a quality, clean recording. 

SAMPLE FILES AVAILABLE: I have several VO sample files in MP3 format available for you to hear. Please connect with me and I will share them with you. Because this is a new adventure in promoting this skill, I’m curious about who would like to hear them. The types of files I have for review are commercials, book or report readings, and a creative piece of poetry to demonstrate the repetative use of my voice.

IF YOU DECIDE TO HIRE ME: I offer them to give you a taste of what your message could sound like. Please be aware that I do IMPACT vocals more than animation. I am particularly interested in reading books, reports or commercials as well as substantive memos, reports, technical assessments and podcasts for professionals — hey, someone has to do it.

Please feel free to connect with me via OnePageWriter at the G Mail dot com kind of address.


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