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“YOUR family has a story that needs to be told!” 

My focus these days is on writing original stories. Sometimes they are fully fictional, sometimes fully factual. Always, I trust, they convey an interesting and empowering tale of life as real people live it, even when I carry the reader into the science of fiction or fact.

If you are interested in having a story written about you, your family, or some part of the lives you’re involved in (say, the legacy of your family), let me know. I can write an original manuscript creating characters and situations that do justice to what makes your place on Earth and in humanity special.

I generally work in two formats — producing a paper or printable book or putting together a straightforward, beautiful website. Here is a little more about each option:

  • WRITTEN TALES: As I have been an “on call” writer for some time, I know that it is possible to put together a book in a reasonably short time, and generally for an affordable price. This means a fully printable (or electronic) manuscript (usually around 20,000 words) that you can use for whatever reason you want — to sell as your masterpiece, to keep for you and your closest others, or to host online that can be read or downloaded. WANT A QUOTE? Contact me and I’ll share more details about how it works. You can see on my library site some examples of the types of writing I do. Most of those pieces are essays or fiction stories, scripts, etc. (AllanShoreCollection )
  • E-LEGACY: Or maybe you want something different; a kind of online memorial hosting of the words, images, blog posts, etc., about you (or a family member or loved one). The technology exists such that we can put together a nice collection of materials, thoughts, even remembrances AT ANY POINT IN OUR LIVES! Even as it unfolds. Here is one that I did recently for my father, whose memorial just past and that will change with updated information.  James Russell Shore. This kind of site (if you have the materials) can be put together quickly if needed or over a period of time. I’d be happy to discuss rates.



[A SPECIAL NOTE: Behold, others had a similar idea! And since great minds work well together, you can also find me on another commercial site called Story Terrace! Just look up in the corner of that site and highlight American writers. Scroll around and see my qualifications and all that this company has to offer. You may well like their resources all the more!]






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