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“YOUR family has a story that needs to be told!” 

My focus these days is on writing original stories. Sometimes they are fully fictional; sometimes rather factual. Always, I trust, conveying some degree of interest and empowerment regarding the lives of ordinary people, increasingly with a preference for a touch of techno flavor.

If you are interested in having a story written about you, your family, or some part of the lives you’re involved in (say, the legacy of your unique family), let me know. I can write an original manuscript creating characters and situations that do justice to what makes your place on Earth notable — whether it deserves to be or not! Hehehehe… just funnin’ you there.

I generally work following two stylistic formats: Producing a paper or printable book or putting together a straightforward, beautiful website-type product. Here is a little more about each option:

  • WRITTEN TALES: As I have been an “on call” writer for some time, I know that it is possible to put together a book in a reasonably short time, generally for an affordable price (in the $2,000 to $4,000 range, but let’s talk). This means a fully printable (or electronic) manuscript (usually around 20,000 words) that you can use as you want. Sell your masterpiece, keep it for you and your closest others, or just post in on your biographical virtual spaces as a record of your time alive.  WANT A SPECIFIC QUOTE? Contact me and I’ll share more details about how it usually works.
  • E-LEGACY: Or maybe you want something different; a kind of online memorial hosting of words, images, blogs, etc., that represents in its own way … well … you (or a family member or loved one). The technology exists such that we can put together a collection of materials, thoughts, images or other types of remembrances AT ANY POINT IN OUR LIVES — no one needs to wait until they are not here to have a biography of their person or impact! Do it as it unfolds. I’m open to having fun with this but I use my experience formulating the stories of missions and agencies to do the same for people, living and not so anymore. My most recent one can be seen here in honor of a man also known as my father:  James Russell Shore. This kind of site can also be put together quickly (like a book) though is a bit more dependent on the elements you have to figure out the cost. But rest easy, I’m reasonable.







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