Over 30 years, I’ve written a lot of materials for various nonprofit agencies. Most have been for services or advocacy efforts directed towards families in need of housing, vocational, or educational care and empowerment. Others sought to help persons seeking economic or gender/equity justice. I’m in the process of collecting elements of these materials to post samples here. AT THE BOTTOM ARE SOME PERSONAL REFERENCE MATERIALS AS WELL.

For a general look-see, you can open or download my resume. A small resume is attached. Click here to see this: ALLAN SHORE – FreelanceResume2018 and Samples

For more other types of writing samples, check out these, I’m in the process of selecting representative pieces that reflect different successful styles as well as content related to particular topics:






I worked for nearly two years producing works for an online site that specializes in drafting college papers for students (https://www.myperfectwords.com/). That commitment required me to be extremely protective of the works I created to avoid issues of plagiarism or poor academic conduct. To be fair to my promises, I will only share some of those via personal communications.


I now write more spontaneous commentaries and such in order to keep up with whatever is happening in the virtual universe. Accordingly, below are places where you can see the good, the bad, and the ugly of materials that I often write with emotional aplomb (with and without editorial care).

  • Emoney and Block chaining — Commentaries on helping to remove some of the evil from the next generations of electronic currency and the virtual economies of value. If we are going to cash in on a better tomorrow, we ought to at least strive to make the dollars make better sense.
  • Trump Tales — Commentaries on issues this president is causing.






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